"Carlos made our wedding very special and meaningful by his graceful presence. Carlos brings a strength and passion to everything he does. From the moment he arrived early in the morning with the most beautiful flowers, to setting the table of our dreams, to creating a magical circle of love with flowers for our beach ceremony my husband and i were confident that our vision was coming alive. He went above and beyond to make everything we wanted come true. Carlos has it all at his finger tips, organizing the musician, bartender, catering, and doing the flowers and officiating himself. Our experience working with Carlos was truly amazing, our memories feel as though it was just a dream. Thanks Carlos for being all that you are and making our day something we will never ever forget."


"The wedding was such a whirlwind I didn't get to properly thank you for stepping in for us so last minute. You were wonderful and had a very calming and warm presence. Thank you for presiding over our ceremony and making it so meaningful." ~ April & Arda